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Heres a small guide put together by myself and our swinging members who want to share a little bit of information with you. Just read the page to get a little bit ofunderstanding about the swinger lifestyle and if your still up for starting your swinging journey with us then please by all means sign up to and start looking for naughty swingers in your area today..

So what exactly is swinging? – Swinging is a form of social sex between consenting adults, most commonly consisting of male/female couples meeting other couples and/or bi-females for sex and/or ongoing intimate friendships. Single gents can also become involved to a more limited degree.Swinging is also refered to “the lifestyle” or “the scene” can take a variety of different forms.

The Swinging Lifestyle – While the swinging lifestyle is not for everyone, many have found swinging to be an exciting and satisfying experience. Most people have had thoughts of sex outside their long-term relationship and those who have pursued it usually do so by cheating on their partners. Swinging offers people the chance to add variety and sexual fulfilment to their sex lives and may even fulfil a fantasy for both the man and woman.

Will you have more sex at a swingers party? – Yes I would say so.. I mean with so much cock and pussy in one place it would be a shame to skip it out wouldnt it?

Arrive on time – When you are attending a swinger party it is important to be on time. At swinger parties or events, “fashionably late” is not cool. We hate hanging around 🙂

Sex party invites – If you are invited to a party or event, it is always polite to let the host know if your can attend or not. There is quite a bit of preparation that goes into a swinger party and it is nice for the host to know how many guests there will be. Always

Arriving at your swinger venue – When you attend a swinger party, arrive and leave with your partner. It is considered bad etiquette for either partner to arrive or leave alone thus leaving a single at the party.

Make sure you & your partner know what you want before attendng a party – Before attending a swinger party or event you should decide with your partner as to how you want to participate in the activities. Do you want to participate together or separately. If you decide you want to participate together it is important not to abandon each other.

Party propositions – NO means NO. The right to say “no” is a steadfast rule at any swinger party or event. If you are not interested in swinging with that particular person or couple, a simple “no thank you” is all that is needed.

Safe sex – safe sex is important within the swinging community. The use of condoms is now commonplace and anybody who is offended by this is considered as sefish and irresponsible.

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